Hi, I’m Alon

My biggest values in life are freedom and peace of mind.

I believe that true wealth is owning your time and head-space - living a happy and stress-free life full of passion, play, and purpose.

This is why I’ve been committed to entrepreneurship for the entirety of my adult life, and why I’m passionate about helping others on this path.

Entrepreneurship is the greatest tool for personal growth — and the benefits of doing it right can not only change your life, but can change the world for the better.

Everything I share here is rooted in reality and based on my experience of going from zero to “self made” multi-millionaire by the age of 30 (without any handouts).

I will eventually turn these emails into a book, and invite you to not only subscribe, but to read and respond to the emails — this helps me clarify my writing and message, serve you better, and I love connecting with new people in general.

I’ll consider this project a massive success if it helps just one person skip the painful trial and error process, avoid expensive lessons, and speed up their unique path to their own definition of success and freedom.

This is the shortcut I wish I had when I was fighting to find my place in the world.

I hope you enjoy.


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Writing about how to go from zero to "self made" multi-millionaire by 30 (without any handouts)


Alon Shabo

Writing about how I went from zero to "self made" multi-millionaire by 30 (without any handouts)