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Good article Alon. I can relate to you and this on many levels. It took lots of traveling, failed businesses, personal growth, good and bad learning lessons, to all lead my onto the current path I’ve worked hard at. In the least 7 years I went from living in a mud hut without hot water volunteering as a teacher in Ethiopia to now owning 14 homes in Las Vegas that have combined value of over $22 million. Life is a trip. It’s something I don’t speak publicly about but you’ve known me since the beginning in my 6 pack in the club partying days, so you can appreciate the work in what’s it’s taken to get on top that mountain. We’ve both taken long journeys to personal development, growth, world travels, failed businesses and eventually success. Albeit different paths, they’ve led to similar destinations (if there even is a such a thing). But indeed there was a common principle of taking consistent, recurring action and figuring things out was you grow. I hole heartedly agree that once you build the muscle to make quick decisive actions it’s a game changer. Many years I lost lingering in contemplation trying to perfect each move in the game in life but that’s not how this game works.

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